Yongqi Tang was born in Shenzhen, China in 1997. She went to the University of Washington in 2015 and received Bachelor of Art Honor Degree in Painting and Drawing and Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology in 2019. She is also a current MFA candidate of painting and drawing at the University of Washington. During her stay at Seattle, Yongqi was significantly influenced by the systematic difference between the Chinese culture and the American culture. Becoming aware of public issues of which she was never taught in China, she perceived painting as a means to challenge dominant characterizations, and shifted her work focus to identity politics.


  • Honor Exhibition, Parnassus Cafe, Seattle, WA, 2018

  • Painting and Drawing Open House, Sand Point Gallery, Seattle, WA, 2019

  • Honors Graduation Exhibition, Jacob Lawrence Gallery, Seattle, WA, 2019

  • Eros, C’est la Vie, Gallery 110, Seattle, WA, 2020

  • Political Discord, Las Laguna Gallery, Online Exhibition, 2020

  • Small Expressions19, Northwind Arts Center, 2020

  • Work in Progress Show, Sandpoint Gallery, 2021